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Dawn Intro...

Sep. 22nd, 2005 | 03:15 pm
posted by: tinpanalley in resurrect_ooc

Hey Maren,

This is the intro for Dawn if you wanted to add it to the resurrection_rp user page!

When everyone went their separate ways after the battle with The First, Dawn followed Giles to London. After she took some accelerated courses and Giles pulled a few strings, she was accepted into the Institute of Historical Research through the University of London. Along with her classes, she’s training to become a Watcher and is working quite a bit with Giles as he re-builds the Watchers Council. She misses her sister a lot though and it’s getting harder and harder for her to sit still and wait for Buffy to invite Dawn back into her life.

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Sep. 21st, 2005 | 11:10 pm
posted by: marenfic in resurrect_ooc

I've wanted to squee in the comments of several people's posts, and now with Meg's Gunn post my squee has overflowed.

LOVE IT! OMG, Gunn and Angel and you setting up a plot/premise. Yay Meg!

Anyway, feel free to use this post to pat your fellow gamers on the back.

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What Connor's Been Up To

Sep. 21st, 2005 | 07:53 pm
mood: rushedrushed
music: You'll Think of Me - Keith Urban
posted by: cornerofmadness in resurrect_ooc

Here are some of my thoughts on Connor and what happened with him post Home
1) There was some sort of Origins with the breaking of the Orlon Window. As per Maren and Lee, Wes had his memories restored with that. Cordy woke up with intact memories. Gunn…we were thinking Angel at least told him about it. If you wanted him around to have his memories restored that’s fine by me. Faith’s memories weren’t restored (and I’ll assume not Willow’s either). Buffy has no clue Connor exists

2) Connor and Angel have worked things out more or less. Connor knows full well who and what he is and was. He is saddled with Steven Holtz’s and Connor Reilly’s memories but he knows why Angel did it and is grateful in one way and a little hurt that Angel didn’t have him reworked and kept with him. He has reconciled himself to his dual life and memories.

3) Connor does patrol. He considers it his duty and deep down the boy likes the hunt. He lives for it and doesn’t like to think about what that says about him mentally. Angel’s probably not thrilled at this since he wanted Connor to have a normal life

4) Lawrence and Colleen Reilly are still part of his life but he feels distant from them but he still has strong brotherly thoughts about his sister (name??, suggestions anyone?) He likes the role of big brother and is very protective. He likes having someone to nurture and love

5) Tracy didn’t regain her memories of NOT loving him or even of not knowing him and Connor feels guilty and broke it off. She went stalker on him, thanks to the spell compelling her to love him. He’s now on a quest to look for a way to break the spell for her.

6) Connor decided that to put space between him and Tracy and to protect his family (oh Angel Junior) he’d move across the country so he went from Stanford to Columbia. He’s a psych major with an art minor. He has a fascination with art (natural talent or implanted he doesn’t know) and likes found art and surrealism.

7) Connor is in Delta Sigma Phi as Lawrence was one and he’s a legacy. He likes the frat life mostly (I think if someone tried to hurt a girl or take advantage of a drunk one, this would be a real problem). He’s learning to have fun and keggars count as fun.

8) Connor’s not dating at the moment between Cordy and Tracy, he’s a little gun shy. Not that he doesn’t look. He’s just turning 20. His hormones could power all of the lower east side. He’d surely notice most of the girls in the game whether or not he flirts. Feel free to mace him.

9) Connor’s relationship to Gunn is open for discussion as to whether or not they’re in contact before meeting up again in NYC

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Meet Rafael

Sep. 20th, 2005 | 11:49 pm
mood: tiredtired
music: Shadows of the Night - Pat Benatar
posted by: cornerofmadness in resurrect_ooc

Name – Rafael D’Amici
Age –21
Sex – Male
Hair – almost black, very thick, worn short & stylish
Eyes – dark brown
Skin Tone – cinnamon
Height – 5’8”
Scars/Features – none worth noting
Family – Vito (father, deceased), Maria (mother, alive in Brooklyn) will assume lots of brothers and sisters, he’s the oldest
Personality/Personal History – Rafael is the good-hearted sort, quick witted, good with the snark. He’s a flashy dresser, has a flair for style. Has an innate sense of drama that will surely help him on his beginning career on stage. Rafe has done parts sine he was young and has been in dance classes also from an early age. He worries about his singing voice, which isn’t outstanding.

He is a bit conflicted and slightly distant from his family except for mama. His cultural heritage and faith isn’t always kind to his choice of lifestyle and lovers but he does his best to keep in touch with both. Usually wears the gold cross given to him by his parents for his confirmation. He assumed his father would never forgive him for being gay until after the man was killed in the line of duty (firefighter) and his fire helmet became Rafe’s at his father’s wishes.

He meets life and challenges with enthusiasm. He’s quite fond of Cordelia and has convinced himself she needs him looking out for her, if only to protect her from the less savory theatre types and from herself.

Rafe doesn’t know about the supernatural at first but does believe in ghosts and spirits. He teaches at the dance studio and works at a trendy club as a bartender.

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Attn: Jess

Sep. 20th, 2005 | 09:21 am
posted by: marenfic in resurrect_ooc

Jess is adding a younger slayer as an OC to play with Faith and Wes (in the beginning). Jess, could you post a background post here in the OOC section to give us some info on Maggie. I'll use some of it for the info page on the RPG journal.

Also, who have you "cast" as Maggie. I'll make you icons to match the ones on this user info page and the RPG user info page if you tell me who to use.

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Gunn thoughts

Sep. 18th, 2005 | 05:06 pm
posted by: elucidate_this in resurrect_ooc

Okay, so i've been thinking a bunch about Gunn.

I figure that since Illyria arrived and Cordy and Wes left Gunn is pretty unsatisfied with his work in LA but he stays for several reasons.

1) LA is his home, he doesn't see the boys from his old neighborhood much but knowing that they are there is enough. plus there's always Anne, and every so often he makes time to help her out at the shelter. plus he can't bear leaving the city that is his only tie to Alonna.

2) Fred died because Gunn was desperate to keep his legal knowledge. He feels like he has to pay his debt to her memory by staying with W&H and trying to fight the good fight from the belly of the beast. If he leaves Angel's attempts to do good will be crippled by the lack of lawyers on his side.

3) After Wes and Cordy left Angel was pretty damn broken and Gunn is too loyal to leave him with just Spike and Illyria both of whom drive Angel crazy, despite his lingering guilt and affection for both of them (i figure the affection is really for fred but without the girl around the body is enough - sort of like canon wes).

I think he misses both Wes and Cordy. He emails Cordy every so often, or sends letters to the PO Box she provided, but she mostly doesn't answer and he doesn't expect her to. He visits Wes every so often. Spends 24-48 hrs with him, tries to get him to come back, tries to get him to sober up, but neither works very much.

I think I'll probably open Gunn's character on the rplj with Angel coming to ask him to get Wes to open up AI NY.

does that work for everyone? I could also open it with him trying to hunt Wes down yet again to give him Angel's offer.

thoughts? lee and maren does that fit in with your vision for Gunn?

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Sep. 18th, 2005 | 03:44 pm
posted by: marenfic in resurrect_ooc

Does anyone have any idea why I can't edit my posts in resurrection_rp? There isn't an edit button available to me. Lee can you check to see if there is one for you?

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One more thing...

Sep. 17th, 2005 | 02:29 pm
mood: excitedexcited
posted by: southernbangel in resurrect_ooc

One more quick thing before I get back to my boys (GO ALABAMA GO!!)...

The Buffy/Cordelia storyline (meeting once again, slowly developing their friendship/romantic relationship, reluctantly getting back involved in the demon business) will be separate from the Wes/Faith/Gunn storyline. It will almost be like two separate RPGs in a way with the eventual goal being B/C together and once again involved with slaying.

And now my boys are starting to play. *bounces*

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Where do we go from here....

Sep. 17th, 2005 | 09:46 am
mood: bouncybouncy
posted by: southernbangel in resurrect_ooc

Hey y'all!! Maren suggested in the email that we talk about characterization, storylines, etc. I'll post about what Maren and I have already discussed and then if y'all want to pop in with any questions, ideas, comments, thoughts about your character and how he/she will fit in, that would be great.

As you know, this RPG is a prequel of sorts to M's "At Night" series, her Buffy/Cordelia stories set in NYC, AU after Chosen. In the series Buffy and Cordelia are already a couple; the RPG will explore how that relationship is developed. We're not going to automatically open with B/C together; we would like to play it as close to already established canon as possible, i.e. Buffy and Cordelia haven't been with a woman. How does these newfound feelings for a woman affect each of them? etc. It's not going to be "they meet, they fall in love." There will be a lot of denial, a lot of struggling to accept the truth. Fun stuff to RP!

You know your character but here's a rundown of everyone:

Buffy: Me (Lee)
Cordy: Maren
Wes: Maren
Faith: Bri

The above four are regular characters. The characters are recurring but it's open for them to be regular.

Dawn: Jessica
Gunn: Meg
Cordy's friend (currently unnamed): Dana
Connor (will possibly join the game at a later date): Dana

If you've never been involved in a RPG, don't worry about it. I personally think they are a lot of fun, but it is strange when you first start playing, particularly if you used to writing fics and dealing with all the characters' thoughts/feelings. Only being in charge of, I guess you could say, one character is very freeing but it's also a little weird to get used to. Don't worry if you think you don't have a great voice for your character. That's part of the fun-learning and developing more of your character and getting more comfortable with him/her.

If you have ideas for any OCs (original characters), by all means share. This LJ will be used for all discussion of the RPG-future plotlines, characterization, questions, etc. It makes things easier so that everyone is on the same page.

As for the pace of this game, some RPGs are very fast-moving. This one won't be that way. It'll be more laid-back and relaxed. The only thing we ask is if you're going to be gone for awhile-vacation, moving, you're really sick and won't be on the computer much, just let us know so that we can move your character around if need be if the action gets going again.

I still use my LJ to post in the RPG. Some people like to create character journals. Whatever you want to do is fine. If you have icons of your character that you want to use to show that you're talking as Buffy or Gunn or whomever, that's fine. If you don't, don't worry about it. You're welcome to use them, that would be great, but if you don't care to, that's fine too. When you do post your character, the general subject title for the comment/post looks like this (it helps to keep everyone clear on what's going on)

Subject title (ex. Sisterly talk) - (Buffy-her bedroom) Tag: Dawn


Subject title (ex. Party time!) - (Cordy-her apartment) Tag: Buffy, any

and so on. Since the posts thread themselves at 50 comments, we'll try to keep each individiual post to around 45 or so. If you see a post is getting close to that number, and your character and the others still have posting to do, feel free to start a new post. When that happens, generally you'll take the last comment in the thread that your character was going to respond to and use it as the basis for the next post. Bold the old comment and then have your character's response below in regular type and then post it.

Also, Maren and I have talked a little bit about a minimum number of posts. We were thinking three-whether they are long, narrative posts, or dialogue posts in a conversation... whatever they are is fine, but a minimum of three. How does that sound to everyone? Too much, not enough?

Oh, and I think this goes without saying but this does deal with femslash (WHOO-HOO!) and will be adult in nature. If NC-17 girl lovin' isn't your thing *looks at list of those participating*... Okay, so y'all are all okay with NC-17 girl lovin'. This doesn't mean that Buffy/Cordy will immediately jump into a sexual relationship or that once they're together, their relationship will be all about sex, but when it's called for, sex will happen. :)

I'm sure there is other stuff I need to discuss but I've forgotten it. Not a big surprise there. :P

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Tyranny Rules!!!!

Sep. 17th, 2005 | 09:17 am
posted by: marenfic in resurrect_ooc

I'm going to make the first post here because I'm a tyrant (actually it's because I'm probably the first one out of bed with nothing better to do).

Anyway, I'm so glad everyone is going to be playing. I think that this will be a slower moving game than some RPGs but I still think we should make a minimum number of posts required a week to keep everything moving and to keep interest from dying. What do you all think?

Buffy, Cordelia, Wesley and Faith will be the characters that at this point will be doing a lot of New York based posting. We thought Gunn and Dawn could be characters that "visit", but we could also figure out ways that they are regular characters if you want them to be. Lee and I had discussed that the general theme is "resurrection"-- kind of a new beginning for people who are really wounded and haunted about their pasts. So we're looking at adult characterization and some level of angst but not melodrama. Of course humor and happiness can occur too- let's just be careful not to make everyone a Mary Sue.

Lee and I had also discussed that we might start with character posts that are just establishing where they are and what they're doing. Then we can move on to the "meeting up" posts and move into interaction/story. Is that ok with everyone?

Ideas/comments/questions and suggestions are very welcome. Seriously, as much as we joke about it I don't want to be laying down the law or anything-- this should be fun and interactive.

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