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Gunn thoughts

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Sep. 18th, 2005 | 05:06 pm
posted by: elucidate_this in resurrect_ooc

Okay, so i've been thinking a bunch about Gunn.

I figure that since Illyria arrived and Cordy and Wes left Gunn is pretty unsatisfied with his work in LA but he stays for several reasons.

1) LA is his home, he doesn't see the boys from his old neighborhood much but knowing that they are there is enough. plus there's always Anne, and every so often he makes time to help her out at the shelter. plus he can't bear leaving the city that is his only tie to Alonna.

2) Fred died because Gunn was desperate to keep his legal knowledge. He feels like he has to pay his debt to her memory by staying with W&H and trying to fight the good fight from the belly of the beast. If he leaves Angel's attempts to do good will be crippled by the lack of lawyers on his side.

3) After Wes and Cordy left Angel was pretty damn broken and Gunn is too loyal to leave him with just Spike and Illyria both of whom drive Angel crazy, despite his lingering guilt and affection for both of them (i figure the affection is really for fred but without the girl around the body is enough - sort of like canon wes).

I think he misses both Wes and Cordy. He emails Cordy every so often, or sends letters to the PO Box she provided, but she mostly doesn't answer and he doesn't expect her to. He visits Wes every so often. Spends 24-48 hrs with him, tries to get him to come back, tries to get him to sober up, but neither works very much.

I think I'll probably open Gunn's character on the rplj with Angel coming to ask him to get Wes to open up AI NY.

does that work for everyone? I could also open it with him trying to hunt Wes down yet again to give him Angel's offer.

thoughts? lee and maren does that fit in with your vision for Gunn?

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from: marenfic
date: Sep. 23rd, 2005 02:13 am (UTC)

Ok, I posted the "look at me i'm wes and i'm drinky" post ;)

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